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WPI vs WPC? What’s the difference and which should I be using?

Bulk Nutrients WPI vs WPC
One of the most common questions we get is whether a customer should take WPI or WPC as their base protein.

Before we start, lets break down a few myths. WPI and WPC are both rapidly absorbing proteins (many people falsely claim WPC is slow digesting) so both are great directly after training. In fact, both are absorbed very quickly in comparison to any other protein sources (within 30 minutes!) and both are low in fats and carbohydrates too.

As there is so much confusing info out there, Bulk Nutrients has put together a quick check list to find the most suitable product for you.

I want a protein with very high levels of Amino Acids: (including Glutamine, BCAAs, EAAs etc) tick tick
I want a rapidly absorbed protein, that is great for building muscle and great for recovery. tick tick
My goal is to lose weight, so the protein must be lean. tick tick
I am very sensitive to lactose, so I want as little lactose as possible. tick
I want a product that mixes very well with no lumps. tick tick
I am very fussy about taste and want a product that tastes like flavoured milk. tick
I want the best value for money product and have a limited amount to spend each month on supplements, so I want maximum ‘bang for my buck’. tick

So there it is.

Forget about it being complicated, it simply isn’t. The key difference is that WPI is simply a more refined version of WPC, but both having advantages depending on what you need. If you are fussy about taste or want as little lactose as possible, go the WPI . However if you want maximum value for money, WPC can’t be beaten when compared dollar per protein gram.

If however you are looking for a protein which is released very slowly and offers a ‘sustained’ delivery, then Micellar Casein (Milk Protein Isolate) would be the best choice. Our flavoured Micellar Casein mixes well, has a great creamy texture and taste, so it is perfect before bed or at times when getting regular meals in is difficult.

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