At the moment this is my fourth and final session I do on Friday each week.

I’m currently three weeks out from my next Powerlifting Australia competition so the weights are gradually increasing while the reps are decreasing.

How this session works

Front squats are to build up quad strength as well as thoracic stability both of which should benefit my competition low bar squats.

I then train competition paused bench presses and follow it with longer paused work to help strengthen my lockout by reducing strength off the chest due to the longer pause.

Finally I finish with biceps for that Friday afternoon party pump!

My current Friday training session

Front Squats

Intensity Sets and Reps Weight
Warm Up 1 x 5 70kg
Warm Up 1 x 3 120kg
 Warm Up 1 x 1 155kg
 Warm Up 1 x 1 175kg
 Working Weight 3 x 3 195kg

Competition Paused Bench Presses

Intensity Sets and Reps Weight
Warm Up 1 x 3 70kg
 Warm Up 1 x 1 100kg
 Warm Up 1 x 1 120kg
 Warm Up 1 x 1 130kg
 Working Weight 3 x 5 140kg

Two Count Paused Bench Presses

Intensity Sets and Reps Weight
Warm Up 1 x 5 100kg
Warm Up 1 x 5 110kg
Working Weight 4 x 8 120kg

Dumbbell Bicep Curls

Intensity Sets and Reps Weight
Warm Up 1 x 10 15kg
Warm Up 1 x 10 20kg
Working Weight 5 x 10 25kg

This workout should help to build up strength and stability.

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Dave Napper

Dave Napper

Dave Napper is qualified Nutritionist (BHSc Nut Med) and a competitive, drug-free strongman and powerlifter who competes with Powerlifting Australia. His best competition lifts are 300kg squat, 167.5kg bench press and 331kg deadlift and in 2015 he represented Australia at the IPF world championships in Finland.

Dave owns & operates his own gym, Brisbane North Barbell, which specialises in powerlifting & strongman training and offers online programming & coaching.

View Dave's complete profile on his Bulk Nutrients Ambassador page.

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