Welcome to Volume 14 of Stupid Questions ✏

We hate to break it to you all… But we have just one more edition of Stupid Questions left before we take a break over winter!

There’s every chance we’ll come back later in the year though so not all is lost.

As for now, we’re answering queries about losing fat and how to get the attention of guys. But first up is Katherine who’s rather confused by the world of supplements…


Kathrine wants to know what all the ‘powders’ are really about…

I’m confused with all the white powders, before and after workout powders, carnitine, creatine, etc. Can you just send me a sample of a couple of days’ worth of what I need please and include when I take them? I’m a fluffy 165cm female who never feels full, help.

Ahh Kathrine, we’ve all been there. Not just the haziness around which supplement is which but also the body fluff and constant hunger too.

Because when you start at the gym you often do become hungrier due to the extra physical activity. So eating and supplementing right is even more important!

So, because we love nothing more than helping and educating our fans we’ve had a good think about your question and can recommend a few basic supplements to get you started.


Pre-workout powder is a blend of ingredients designed to give you energy and maximise your ability to work harder for longer. This is self-explanatory in that you take it PRE (before) your workout.

For pre-workout, you can’t go past our Pre Workout 101 for a boost in energy and muscular endurance. Start with half a serve and see how you go!


If you’re putting in hard work at the gym, our BCAA Recovery is the ideal intra workout choice (ie. it is taking while you’re exercising).

BCAAs have been shown to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after training and they work to build muscle and they taste pretty good too 😋

Read more about them here.


Most people take a protein shake after a workout as it helps to promote muscle growth and recovery!

Protein Matrix+ is our most popular protein blend and is ideal post workout to replenish those sore muscles. It’s super creamy yet fine for dairy-sensitive individuals due to the added lactose enzyme (or if you are vegan go for ourEarth Protein!)

We also have a few suggestions to tame the hunger beast;

1. Total Meal Replacement

TMR is perfect for those needing to fix a grumbling tummy.

Instead of reaching for that chocolate bar (or two) grab a Total Meal Replacement and fill yourself with good nutrition, it’s even better blended up with ice mmmm.

TMR fills you up and not out, with all the macros and vitamins for optimal health and results. Try our new vanilla caramel, it’s yummo!

2. Protein Treats

If you have a craving for sweets we’ve got you covered with our high protein treats range.

High in protein, lower in calories as well as being sweet and satisfying, they’re a better choice.

We’ve got Protein Mousse, Mug Cakes and Whey Hot (a protein-packed hot drink).

For further info on those unfamiliar powders, check the Bulk Blog. Bulk Ambassador Kyle Williams has written a breakdown of Pre, Intra and Post workout supps if you’re after any further suggestions.

Thanks Kathrine, we hope these tips help you to be rid of the fluffiness and hunger. We’re sending you a bag of protein to help you get underway!

If you’d like to sample any of the products we’ve suggested simply contact our friendly customer service team and they can hook you up with a few samples.


Justin on the other hand, wants to get the attention of some guys…

If curls get the girls, what gets the guys? I’m asking for a friend… 😜

Well for rhyming’s sake we’d say that a combination of tris and bis get the guys, so start working on those arms, Justin! (Because we know that you’re really asking for yourself, it’s okay we aren’t judging 😉)

You’ve gotta get that balance between good guns and solid triceps. Because triceps are sometimes overlooked and here at Bulk we think they’re just as important as bulging biceps.

For biceps, we’d recommend adding in isolated seated bicep curls as well as bicep 21’s for the ultimate bicep burn.

And for defined tris get onto controlled triceps rope pushdowns and EZ-bar skull crushers.

That’ll get those arms growing and is sure to get the boys looking your way.

Best of luck getting the attention of those guys Justin!


Last we’ve got Cameron’s question…

Should I just cut out all my carbs to lose fat?

Cameron, we wouldn’t suggest you cut out all your carbohydrates cold turkey, but it’s really up to you.

To us here at Bulk HQ cutting out carbs means cutting out doughnuts and we aren’t ready for that kind of commitment 🍩

Our best advice for dropping fat is to eat clean and watch portion sizes, exercise regularly and supplement with us. Oh wait, we are missing one thing… Time. It doesn’t happen instantly Cameron.

However, if you’re keen to see what dropping your carbohydrate intake does for fat loss, we’d suggest checking out our blog on the keto diet because many keto dieters have had great success with dropping fat by taking carbs out of the picture.

Good luck on your fat loss journey Cameron, we’ll be here with doughnuts if you want to return to the carb side 😉


That’s it for this edition!

But, we’re putting a call out for the most stupid questions yet! As we’ve got just one more volume of stupid questions left before we go into hibernation for winter, now’s your time to shine!

This is your last chance to get your embarrassing or slightly silly question answered and possibly win some protein while you’re at it.

Submit them here and you could make it into the final edition of Stupid Questions.

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