Ever wondered if a vegan protein shake would bring the boys to yard? Or if it’s ever okay to skip leg day?

Wonder no longer Bulk fans! We answer these questions and many more this week in Stupid Questions. So hold onto your seats we’re diving right on in.

Bruce is asking for advice on how to work in with others…

What is the maximum polite differential in weights for working in with someone?

21.5kg Bruce!

Just kidding, there’s no exact number or rule written in the Swoley Bible unfortunately, but there are some etiquette tips we can offer to help with your situation.

But first, we have to commend you on your mannerly phrasing ‘the polite differential in weights’, that sounds so fancy it could be a mathematical formula, but we can’t answer this with maths unfortunately.

In an effort to answer such a tricky question, we’d say that it really depends on what kind of weights you’re both are using. So long as you aren’t pulling off a huge amount of plates each time you swap, you should be fine (in politeness that is). Even if you’re adding 20kg or more on and off it shouldn’t be too bad so long as you’re efficient.

Being efficient is key to working out in a busy gym, plus moving the weights on and off the bar is all part of the workout.

Another option to consider is using several bars in the one area. Although this really only works with dead-lifts, you could do this with bench too.

Unless you’re training with a mate it’s pretty annoying to have to work in with someone else but sometimes it’s either you work in or loose gains waiting for equipment!

You sound like a very polite gym-goer and there aren’t many of you about, so we think you deserve a bag of protein for even trying to be polite in the gym.

Thanks Bruce!


Anon is back again with a question regarding shaving and leg day…

A male friend of mine has started shaving his legs because he says it gives him better muscle definition and he doesn’t have to train them as much. Is it okay to skip the occasional leg day if I shave my legs too?

Anon, we’d recommend telling your mate that that’s no solution for a lack of leg gains.

The way we see it, there’s no excuse for skipping leg day, period.

Leg day is an essential workout, yeah, it’s tough but it makes you strong there’s nothing quite like seeing those quads grow.

You just can’t be a well-rounded lifter if you skip the most essential day of all.

It’s easy to get caught up in training arms and chest but leaving out legs will make you look out of proportion and believe us when we say that isn’t the best look of all.

The shaving legs part is another issue altogether, unless he’s a bike rider or a real-life gorilla there’s no need! In our opinion, men are supposed to be a little hairy, that’s what makes them appear masculine.

And while you might be able to see better muscle definition, it can also make your legs look even smaller so it might not be that useful.

Sorry leg-shaving guys but it’s the truth!

Be sure to let your mate know our thoughts Anon and perhaps flick this article his way 😉


Finally we’ve got Ned the vegan…

I’m a vegan and given dairy milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard, do you think a vegan protein shake will too?

Although you’ve told us you’re a vegan, you selected a non-vegan protein as your protein of choice… so we’re feeling a little confused Ned!

Anyway to your question! So long as it’s a protein shake we can’t see why it wouldn’t bring the boys to the yard.

If there’s one thing the boys like, its protein and the muscle protein helps to build.

So, we reckon a protein shake no matter if its whey or plant-based would be the ultimate hook to get the boys to your yard.

Especially if it’s a premium vegan shake like our Earth Protein, that’ll get the boys going for sure.

Plus, it’ll bring the right kind of boys too. The boys who appreciate high-quality protein and defined muscles.

Even a non-vegan boy will come for that protein shake and bod you’ve crafted from drinking it!


There you go! Thanks for all those stupid questions, don’t forget to keep submitting them here to get some high-class, personalised advice and a chance to win some delicious Bulk Nutrients protein.

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