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You’re back again? Awesome because this week’s topic is nutrition and we’ve got some particularly stupid questions on the menu.

Listen up. Because today we’re going to disclose what meal prep really is, the best ways to take Creatine and how much protein you can consume before going cray cray.

No time to waste, let’s get straight to our first question…


David is looking for Meal Prep and is unsure where to find it…

Where is Meal Prep? I asked my friend what he was going to do for the weekend and he said he was going to ‘Meal Prep’. Is this a special school that people go to learn about meals or something?

If we remember correctly, you can find meal prep in the middle of chicken breast, on the corner of broccoli next to sweet potato. Are we right?

Yeah, yeah that was lame, we know 😉

But seriously, you’ve come up with quite the concept there Dave. If only there was a special school where one could go and learn how to meal prep effectively and efficiently.

Because meal prep is an art, a skill and an essential one for success in reaching goals, particularly those of gains.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, Dave. Meal prep is essentially the weekly preparation of meals (usually occurring on a Sunday) so that you’re prepped ready for the week. This way you always have clean, nutritious meals ready to go whenever you’re feeling like ordering pizza.

Hey, we don’t guarantee that you won’t order pizza, but it makes it less likely to happen 😉

There are several YouTube channels that may help you begin your meal prepping life Dave. Have you checked out FitMenCook? He’s one of our favourites.

We wish you all the best as you learn the art of prepping, it’ll change your life.

Thanks for your question Dave, we’ll be a sending a bag of protein your way!


Next up is Alex who’s considering experimenting with his Creatine…

Is snorting Creatine better than drinking it?

We’re all about fast absorption here at Bulk HQ, but we aren’t so sure snorting is the answer. Snorting substances (even non-illegal ones like Creatine) can cause respiratory issues.

Some gym douches encourage the snorting of supplements in order for them to reach the bloodstream faster. But here, we prefer to take the tried and true method of taking it earlier in the day.

Creatine doesn’t hit you like a pre-workout, you don’t feel it after taking it. Creatine is to be supplemented through a loading protocol, which essentially means you have to build it up in your system and continuously take it to reap the effects!

So Alex, as long as you religiously take your Creatine there no reason to snort it, it’s not at all better and could cause respiratory issues, yuk! Now be a good lad and take your Creatine as directed on the packet, that’s why we put it there!

You are not alone in asking this stupid question though Alex, it seems that people in the bodybuilding world everywhere are asking this question in online forums.

Our advice is if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!


Shae is worried about her protein intake…

Can you overdose on protein powders?

Shae if there is such a thing as a protein overdose, it’s pretty rare so don’t be too concerned!

Like anything, overdoing it with one particular food group is bound to cause issues. Or in the case of protein powders, really bad gas.

Protein can be hard for your body to digest, so an excessive consumption of our delicious protein powder may put some serious strain on your body (and those poor people around you!)

So long as you balance out your protein powder with other foods like fresh fruit, veggies and grains you should be fine. Or if you are subject to stomach upsets from whey, we’d suggest switching to Earth Protein. It’s done wonders for those of us sensitive to dairy.

In our experience, extreme protein consumption ends in extreme protein farts and if you’ve smelt one before you’d understand how terrible they are.

So if you’re worried, track your protein intake on MyFitnessPal and see where you’re at so you can change up your diet if need be.

Good luck Shae!


And that’s it for stupid questions this week!

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