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This week in Stupid Questions we discuss water fountain etiquette, give some pointers on how to deal with ego lifters and find out why exactly the gym shuts over Easter.

Let’s go!


First up this week is Peter who’s angered by water fountain hogs…

Why is it when I want a drink from the water fountain mid-workout, the person in front of me decides to fill a 44 gallon ‘Mega Bottle’? Could I lose my gainz window waiting the 73 mins it takes them? And can they really drink 44 gallons of water before it gets lukewarm and yuck?

Peter we can tell you’re pretty annoyed about this but we’ve got to say … you’ve got the wrong idea by drinking from the water fountain, for more than one reason.

Reason 1. It’s germy and gross

Do you even realise how many mouths have been in the general area of the communal fountain? And not freshly brushed teeth mouths, we’re talking sweaty protein breath mouths. We find it rather repulsive just thinking about it actually…

The water fountain tops the list of dirtiest objects found in a gym and we can’t argue with the evidence!

Reason 2. Possibly the most important of all, it’s impractical.

You might not want to hear this but those people filling and drinking from the gallon water bottles are actually doing you a favour. This is because once their bottle is full they won’t be back at the refill station for quite some time (if at all) freeing up space for those wanting to sip away to their heart’s content.

Now, we do understand your pain of waiting for what seems like forever for someone to fill a gallon jug from the only water station in the gym at the busiest time of the day, that is most definitely uncool. All gallon jug fillers need to be aware of others waiting to use the fountain because let’s be honest it doesn’t take ten seconds to fill one of those bad boys!

BUT, if you’re taking a sip from the fountain for the 10th time in as many minutes and trekking back and forth across the gym to do so, drink bottle fillers may not be so courteous. You know why? Because it’s kind of ridiculous, when drink bottles were invented they replaced the need for water fountains! Sorry Pete but we’d recommend you get yourself a drink bottle or shaker.

Plus, if you have a drink bottle you can fill it with our muscle growth and recovery drink BCAA Recovery! The ultimate intra-workout fuel. That stuff isn’t going to come out of the fountain, is it?

We do apologise for being harsh Pete, but gainz are a very important matter and an easy way to ensure your workout isn’t interrupted, it’s much safer to have a drink bottle or shaker filled before you start 😊

You know what, not only will we send a bag of protein your way, but we might throw in a shaker too because we think you could probably do with one 😉 Thanks Peter!


Next we’ve got Shelly who’s looking to pass the chocolate eating blame…

Do you think gyms encourage chocolate consumption on Easter by being shut?

We think that they must Shelly, if they close their doors over the chocolate egg eating break then they take no responsibility for how much chocolate we consume and are therefore encouraging us to eat more chocolate. Simple!

We can’t decide if it’s a good or bad thing that they close over Easter, but we’re swinging more towards it being a negative. Because where do we go to try and make ourselves feel better about all the sugar we’ve eaten?

When we’ve eaten our weight in chocolate some of us will fall victim to the comfort of the couch, but others will want to get into the gym and make it right again! But how on earth can we if the gym has closed up for the break?

Plus, Easter chocolate makes a pretty good (but dirty) pre-workout meal…

Thanks for your question Shelly, now we can’t stop thinking about chocolate…


Our final question was sent in by Brosef Stalin who doesn’t seem to be the best spotter…

How long should I let my mate be crushed by a bar in order to teach him to stop ego lifting?

Hmm this is a toughie because you want to give your mate enough of a scare, but not enough to cause serious damage… there’s a line Brosef and you’ve gotta ride it.

Ego lifting is becoming a real problem, particularly among the gym ‘lads’. You know, those guys who think they’re bigger than they are.

They usually come in groups, wear stringers and footy shorts to compliment their freshly shaven legs. These lads are the kings of ego lifting and don’t get as much out of their workouts as they should due to lifting with their egos rather than their muscles.

Once he starts to struggle under the bar just let him wait a few seconds till you can see the fear in his eyes, only then should you lift it back up to the safeties. Plus if it’s back or shoulder day for you, it comes as an accessory exercise really!

It’s a teaching moment for your mate, Steve Cook’s used to let him struggle under the bar and look at him now!

Humility is important in this game and your mate just doesn’t get it… yet 😉

Another way to stop ego lifting is to lift their ego max for reps with good form.

That ought to stop him, best of luck Brosef!


And that’s a wrap for this week!

Don’t forget to ask us your own stupid question here. We reward the best questions with a bag of protein 😉

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