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Although we’re back in the gym this week, the focus isn’t on weights but more so on appearance.

Because let’s be honest, that’s why we go to the gym anyway 😉


Our Stupid Questions winner this week is Matt who is truly invested in becoming Insta-famous…

Will Instagram likes make me a better lifter? How many followers do I need before I can put _fit in my name? My friend stopped following me on Instagram for posting too much gym and motivational stuff, are they getting in the way of my success?

That’s one hell of a triple-barreled question there Matt, but an important one nonetheless!

Social media is the essential marketing tool for wannabe models, fitness gurus and everyone else who wants nothing more than to be instafamous.

To answer your first question, we’re gonna bite the bullet and say yes you can become a better lifter with the more Instagram likes you accrue.

The reason we say this is because the fame helps to build your ego and fuel the fire to become a beast.

According to Dom Mazzetti of ‘The Swoly Bible’, 95% of the success of business enterprises comes down to packaging and presentation. So remember this when it comes to your Instagram account. Here’s a little crash course in how to grow your fitness brand.

Now to the second part of your question, How many followers do I need before I can put _fit in my name?

We’d like to take the time to thank you for bringing this up Matt, because we wouldn’t mind having a vent over this.

Anyone can add _fit or _fitness to their Instagram name and apparently over 90% of Instagram accounts already have _fit in their name! (This figured was slightly exaggerated to prove our point…)

People brand themselves on Instagram like they have their own business when quite often they don’t. I just because you went to the gym twice this week, tracked it in MyFitnessPal and used 100 Instagram tags like #gymflow #athlete #fitnessmodel and #doyouevenliftbro, doesn’t mean you can make yourself JoeBloggs_Fit already… All good things take time.

Go on, just have a little search on Instagram and see just how may _Fit accounts are already out there.

The best lifters don’t have fit in their name. look at Thor, Arnie and Steve for example.

You could argue that such big names sell themselves, but then again do lesser known athletes benefit from the ‘fit’ in their Instagram name? We think not.

And in response to part three of your question, friends who unfollow you really can be barriers on your road to success. You only want people that build you up to be following you, even if they are fake accounts that comment on every photo you post. It makes you look good right?

After answering your mammoth question we think we’ve earned some kind of gift… But to thank you for coming to us for advice, we’re going to throw a bag of gains your way. All the best with becoming an Insta-fit star Matt!


Up next, Melonie’s question proves that shortie shorts are an ever-present problem at the gym…

How do I tell an old gym goer that no one wants to see his pasty white thighs? Seriously, he wears shorts just above the knee, which is fine, but what he does next isn’t. He walks around the gym pulling the legs up, myself and others are waiting for his junk to slip out onto display that’s how far he hikes them up and no, it’s not so he has greater range of motion when squatting, he does it even when doing bicep curls and lat pull downs!

Melonie, we truly feel your pain. Just two weeks ago we had a fan with a similar short shorts dilemma.

Now, what do you mean he walks around pulling his legs up? Is he a fan of high knees? Or does he reef his shorts up high for better mobility? Oh but yes if he’s doing it with bicep curls and lat pull downs he’s just showing off isn’t he…

Hmm, could we suggest you offer him some of the recently released Bondi Sands tan for men? Apparently, it’s specially formulated for blokes with a masculine shaving cream scent.

That could make for a potentially terrible conversation though…

We have gotta tell it to you straight, seeing pasty legs and ridiculously short shorts is all part and parcel of going to a gym.

It’s not a pretty sight and it’s not something most of us would ever consider doing but it happens. It’s in a similar basket to people who don’t put away their weights… It’s infuriating but in the end, there isn’t too much that can be done unfortunately.

So Mel, we’d recommend putting in your headphones and blasting some tunes to try your best to ignore those pasty white thighs, despite how much they blind you.


Finally, we’ve got Paul who is considering giving into peer-pressure…

Hey guys I don’t follow the NBA or own a jersey, but can I still workout at the gym?

NBA jerseys are plentiful at the gym hey Paul? But let us let you in on a little secret… most of those people also don’t follow NBA, they just want to look like they do because apparently it’s cool.

We have another suggestion for you, what about a stringer? Stringers are another gym essential. If you’re not into NBA jerseys it’s another great option that’ll show off even more of that bod.

A lot of gym douches wear stringers when they clearly should not, but we have faith that you could pull one off. Go on!


There you go another week of Stupid Questions done and dusted! Make sure you submit your stupid question here for some highly sought out advice, as well as a shot at winning a bag of protein of your choice.

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