If you’re like me and ice cream is your one true love, then you this recipe is for you.

The low down

For years, I’ve had an internal battle with my sweet tooth with it always delaying my progress towards a goal as I give into my minds screaming desire for sweet things… Especially ice cream.

Recently I’ve discovered the perfect recipe to help me stay on track with my current goals of minimising body fat, while still enjoying the smooth, cold delight of ice cream on a barmy Aussie night.

As I like to support local businesses all ingredients used are grown/made in Australia or from Australian owned and operated businesses.

So here it is my ultimate vegan protein ice cream recipe, bound to have you salivating as we enter spring!

Try out Sam’s ultimate Aussie vegan ice cream.

The recipe

Chuck the following ingredients into a blender and enjoy.

The verdict

If this isn’t the quickest, easiest, Aussie-est, best homemade ice cream you’ve ever had then I want to hear from you… And possibly kangaroo box you.

Have a pearla.

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Sam Grachan

Sam Grachan

Sam is a long-term Bulk Nutrients ambassador and has now graduated to Brand Development, Sales and Accounts Manager for Southern Nutrition, all while working from home in his undies. Quote Sam: "Not all heroes wear pants."