Unigames is one of our favourite events to sponsor. It has an energetic and lively atmosphere that we love to be a part of at Bulk Nutrients!

We recently attended the Regional Unigames. At these events students compete to qualify for the Australian Unigames which are held on the Gold Coast later in September.

The Regional Unigames are truly something else with four different Australian locations hosting games and approximately 8,000 students involved.

Unigames Day 3, Newcastle.

There was the Northern Unigames in Rockhampton, the Eastern Unigames in Newcastle, the Southern Unigames in Geelong and the Western Unigames in Bunbury. That’s a whole lot of university students playing sport at one time!

I was a part of the Recharge Team at the Southern Unigames where 1800 university athletes took over Deakin University and the surrounding Geelong sporting venues to compete in 21 different sports. It was a huge event just in the south and it’s hard to believe there were three others just like it taking place across Australia.

Unigames Day 3, Newcastle.

The Recharge Team

Introducing the Recharge Team – a group of Bulk Nutrients employees, ambassadors and supplement lovers who work together to dispense as many supplements into the needy mouths of Unigames students as possible.

Refresh, Recharge, Recover is our motto when it comes to Unigames and that’s exactly what we did at regionals. With syringes in our hands and dispensers strapped to our backs, we were set to go.

We set up camp at the major sporting arenas for athletes to come and go tasting and refreshing themselves with our cups of supplements.  They could also grab a free sample or two and some advice to help them be at the top of their game.

Unigames Day 3, Newcastle.

Members of the Bulk Recharge Team are pretty cool, and we take our job very seriously… As you can see in this image! Instant hydration at its finest.

One of the best parts of the job was roving around – coming to you with free samples and electrolytes from our dispensable backpacks, as well as syringes of Pre Workout 101.

We roved around and came to those students who couldn’t muster the energy to come to us. We found you and we hydrated you. It’s just what we do 😉

But it was no small feat by Unigames competitors, most of them competed in several games daily over a period of four days. It’s unlike anything many of them have experienced before, which left many wrecked and in desperate need of recharging.

Unigames Day 4, Newcastle.

Sports Galore

Now, it wasn’t all footy, soccer and basketball on show (although those classic games were high energy and fantastic to watch), there were also games like Oz Tag, Ten Pin Bowling and Ultimate Frisbee among the mix. We were impressed by the sheer amount of sporting talent here in Australia!

On the final day in Geelong, some members of the Recharge Team decided to get into the spirit by playing a little rugby and even learning how to play Ultimate Frisbee which turns out to be quite the art.

There were plenty of giggles had by ultimate players as they watched over us and our terrible form. But thankfully they came over and gave us some one-on-one tips.

Unigames Day 3, Newcastle.

The weather in the south was particularly chilly

Being at the Southern Unigames in Geelong, the winter weather was up to its usual standards, particularly on the first day.

Whilst our fellow Bulk Recharge Teams were sapping up the sun in Newcastle and Bunbury (as we kindly saw on social media), in Geelong we were treated to rain and icy cold wind on the first day, blowing away our samples, smashing one of our recharge backpacks and leaving us shivering.

But, we did not halt! We saw the students push through playing their best games, despite the weather and they needed us to support them, so we trudged on.

Unigames Day 1, Geelong.

Products on show

The products we chose to take with us to Unigames came straight from our HASTA certified range. As Unigames are so closely associated with the AIS and ASADA/WADA testing it was a perfect opportunity to showcase these products, which have been scrutinised that extra bit to ensure they’re 100% free of contamination by banned substances.

Unigames Day 2, Geelong.

Pre Workout 101

If there’s something university students really love, it’s caffeine. Our Pre Workout 101 was super popular among students at Unigames. With many teams coming back for more each day claiming it gave them such an edge that they had won their games! Now that’s what we like to hear.

Electrolyte Plus

Electrolyte Plus was our most popular drink at the Unigames (especially our lime flavour). Not only did the students find it useful to recover and hydrate after games, but it helped with those hangovers they all seemed to acquire each morning after the festivities of the night before #unilyf (we’ve all been there 😉).

Hyper Hydrolyse

Our fastest-acting whey protein, Hyper Hydrolyse is the purest and fastest absorbing protein in our range helping it to reach those sore muscles as fast as possible. And the students went crazy for the creamy vanilla and chocolate flavours.

BCAA Recovery

Perfect for those achy, sore muscles our BCAA Recovery was hot property at Unigames because it was so easy (and tasty) to sip on during the day. The addition of electrolytes in our BCAA Recovery also meant it helped out those slightly thirstier athletes too.

Unigames Day 3, Bunbury.

Next up: Snow Unigames

Our next stop is Thredbo for the Snow Unigames from the 27th till the 31st of August. You just might see some different products on show there and given the chilly conditions at Thredbo, they could be perfect to soothe the soul and recover the body.

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