My 6 favourite Bulk Nutrients supplements, and how I use them daily:


Before training:BN - 4 Panel Pouch - Creatine Monohydrate - C2

  • Creatine Monohydrate – Simply put, Creatine is the most research and scientifically validated supplement other than whey protein powder. I consider it essential for getting more results from training and maximising performance on competition days.
  • Acetyl Carnitine – I use this as a stimulant free preworkout as I swear I feel more energetic and mentally alert after taking a few grams of powder in water. It tastes a little sour, not too different from lemon water, and goes down easily enough with my Creatine Monohydrate.
  • Cognitone – On days when I’m lacking sleep or feeling extra lethargic, I take Cognitone in addition to my Creatine and Carnitine for an extra kick. I try to avoid taking high dose stimulants on a regular basis so instead stick to smaller serve than is recommended but I still find it potent enough to have a beneficial effect. The tropical BN---R&D-Memory-Lane-02---Cognitoneflavour tastes great.

During training:

  • BCAA Recovery – A delicious tasting, sugar free combination of BCAAs and Electrolytes. I drink this during training as I find it helps me train heavier for longer and replenishes my sweat loss better than plain water. My training sessions usually last 3-4 hours and I find the great taste helps keep hunger at bay until after training which is when I have dinner. Absolutely love the tropical and watermelon flavours.

Before bed:

  • Micellar Casein – This is my final protein shake of the day which I consume with full cream milk. It thickens up like a thick sBulk Nutrients Micellar Caseinhake, tastes absolutely delicious and helps to prevent me waking up during the night hungry or starving first thing upon waking in the morning.
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Dave Napper

Dave Napper

Dave Napper is qualified Nutritionist (BHSc Nut Med) and a competitive, drug-free strongman and powerlifter who competes with Powerlifting Australia. His best competition lifts are 300kg squat, 167.5kg bench press and 331kg deadlift and in 2015 he represented Australia at the IPF world championships in Finland.

Dave owns & operates his own gym, Brisbane North Barbell, which specialises in powerlifting & strongman training and offers online programming & coaching.

View Dave's complete profile on his Bulk Nutrients Ambassador page.