Why train front squats?

Training front squats differs from training back squats. While you can’t go as heavy, you can train different muscle groups.

Front squats work the quads and upper back due to the placement of the bar causing the body to have to maintain a more upright posture and further stabilise the core muscles.

This differs to back squats which work the hips, glutes and lower back harder.

Neither is better than the other and a combination of both is great in your weekly training schedule.

Today’s session

This is my Friday front squat session. Every Friday I train heavy front squats then follow it up with some heavy slingshot bench presses.

When this blog was written, my competition was eight days away. So this was the heaviest I would front squat and slingshot bench press during that training cycle.

It’s important to warm up to your heaviest weight if you’re looking to hit a PB. A few mobility stretches beforehand can always help too.

Try out today’s front squat session

Front Squats

Intensity Sets and Reps Weight
Warm Up 1 x 1 70kg
Warm Up 1 x 1 120kg
Warm Up 1 x 1 150kg
Warm Up 1 x 1 180kg
Warm Up 1 x 1 200kg
Top Set 1 x 2 220kg
Back Off Sets 2 x 3 200kg

Slingshot Paused Bench Presses

Intensity Sets and Reps Weight
Warm Up 1 x 3 70kg
Warm Up 1 x 1 100kg
Warm Up 1 x 1 120kg
Warm Up 1 x 1 140kg
Warm Up 1 x 1 1600kg
Warm Up 1 x 1 170kg
Warm Up 1 x 1 180kg
Top Set 1 x 1 190kg
Back Off Sets 2 x 3 180kg

Paused Bench Presses

Intensity Sets and Reps Weight
Working Weight 3 x 5 140kg

Let me know if you have any questions about this workout in the comments below.

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Dave Napper

Dave Napper

Dave Napper is qualified Nutritionist (BHSc Nut Med) and a competitive, drug-free strongman and powerlifter who competes with Powerlifting Australia. His best competition lifts are 300kg squat, 167.5kg bench press and 331kg deadlift and in 2015 he represented Australia at the IPF world championships in Finland.

Dave owns & operates his own gym, Brisbane North Barbell, which specialises in powerlifting & strongman training and offers online programming & coaching.

View Dave's complete profile on his Bulk Nutrients Ambassador page.

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