The wait for one of the most competitive WBFF shows outside of World Championships is almost over. Only three days to go! I’m excited, but a tad nervous.

As I look around Venice Beach and catch up with some of my fellow pro-athletes, I’m humbled by the amazing physiques I will be stepping on stage with.

Self doubt is only natural

It’s been a hectic peak week for me. Probably more so than normal, but then again I don’t think any peak week is ever easy. If you’ve ever done a body building competition then you will know the last week is by far the toughest. Your mind plays crazy games with you and you start questioning everything. Am I big enough? Am I lean enough? Am I doing enough to be the best I can be on stage?

Yes, even pro-athletes have their doubts and fears and can find themselves questioning themselves. Add the crazy head games to trying to train depleted – which by the way is like trying to run through quick sand – being hungry all the time, drinking enough water to fill a swimming pool to water load and on top of that having issues with food, which has seen me unwell for part of this week.

It’s safe to say people are lucky I haven’t stabbed them with a fork yet. But as I push through my sessions, I am reminded of why I am here. Why I love the sport that I train so hard for and why I make the sacrifices I do, in order to do what I love.

Image taken from @aliciagowans_wbffpro’s Instagram account.

The end justifies the means

It’s all worth it in the end, to step on stage with the best of the best and to know that you have earned the right to be there. It is an amazing feeling to be competing against like-minded individuals, where you know you belong.

So with only three days to go I’m focused on getting every last drop I can out of training, hitting my food targets, recovering as best I can and pushing my body to its absolute limits! I’m determined to leave nothing on the table. No regrets as they say.

As I generally tell myself at this stage of the competition – all you have to do is breathe. Do what you can, train as hard as you can and trust that you’ve put maximum effort in to achieve a maximum result.

To be honest though, after injuries, personal challenges, professional hurdles and what has turned out to be a massively difficult and intense prep for this comp, I am truly grateful just to be here and to be able to compete. Regardless of the outcome, the journey has and always will be worth it. I will be up there doing my absolute best on stage for myself, my family and my country. And at the end of the day, that’s all I can ask for.

Stay tuned for what will be my final blog in this series for Bulk Nutrients – a wrap up of the WBFF LA ProAm. No matter how it turns out – its going to be one hell of a show!

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