With more and more people opting to supplement with plant-based proteins over traditional dairy shakes, we take a look at the key reasons this trend is happening and how they can benefit your health.

1. They’re naturally better

If an all-natural product is important to you, then you will appreciate our Earth Protein, which combines organic brown rice protein with GMO free Canadian yellow pea protein.

To complement this, we add a 100% natural flavouring system with our special Stevia blend which has no sensation of bitterness.

While we at Bulk Nutrients and some companies do offer “natural” whey alternatives, all of our plant proteins are “all natural”, using no artificial sweeteners or flavours whatsoever.

One of the best things about plant proteins is they are 100% dairy free.

2. They’re virtually allergy free

Have problems with dairy? How about lactose?

Unbeknownst to most people, lactose issues are extremely common. Depending on ethnicity, lactose issues can affect between 65 and 90% of the population from mild to severe.

One of the best things about plant proteins is they are 100% dairy free, with Earth Protein being virtually allergy free (as it is also free of soy).

If you are unsure if you suffer any side effects to lactose give Earth Protein a try and you may find you have less gas, less bloating and generally feel better.

3. Evidence says they’re great at building muscle

While there is some limited evidence to make skeptics suspicious of soy, neither pea or rice proteins suffer the same controversies.

Having no effect on estrogen, pea and rice work well alone, but even better when blended together. In combination (like in our Earth Protein), they boost the weakness of each other, offering a very balanced amino acid spread, high in essential and branched chain amino acids.

Many sensitive people who may be unaware they don’t digest whey well may find some positive benefits when switching to plant-based, due to better absorption of plant proteins, and thus better muscle building and recovery.

Protein from plants, particularly peas are very low burden for the environment.

4. They’re great for the planet

While it can be a point of contention, there is no doubt that the cultivation of food from crops uses less land, less water and produces far less C02 than protein sources which come from animals (either meat or dairy).

Protein from plants, particularly peas are very low burden for the environment. So by consuming products like Earth Protein, the planet will thank you.

5. Just add veggies to optimise health

While a little contentious like the above point, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that increases in plant matter, and less consumption of meat can lead to better long-term health outcomes.

It’s important to know this isn’t an “all or nothing” proposition, we think the healthiest diets are ones which utilise a large variety of foods, certainly with plenty of natural plant products.

This is why adding in some Earth Protein alongside your whey, may well be the best way!

Unsure about the taste of plant-based proteins? Grab a free sample first here.

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Ben Crowley

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